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SKU: te- Kg50D09-Zc26aG-01

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Onn 100012585 Kg50D09-Zc26aG-01,K500WDD1 A4, LED Strips (4) Backlights 4708K500wD-44113N11


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SKU: te- Kg50D09-Zc26aG-01
Warranty: 30-Day Warranty
Part Type: LED Strips, Backlights
Part Number: K500WDD1
Part Usage: LED/LCD
Board Number(s): Kg50D09-Zc26aG-01500WDD1 A4, 4708-K500wD-A4113N11,303KG500001
Notes/Comments: Please be sure to order by part number for often times there could be several versions.
Number of strips: 4
Brands: Onn
T V Size 50”
Model Number: 100012585


Box 424=2

Box C15=1

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