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SKU: te-9012-112A47

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ONN/Hisense 9012-112A47 K-PL-FH2 Power Supply Board For 100012584


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SKU: te-9012-112A47

Warranty: 30-Day Warranty

Part Type: Power Supply Board

Part Number: K-PL-FH2

Part Usage: LED/LCD

Board Number(s): 9012-112a47, 465R1013, K-PL-FH2, ZD-95(G)F,LYP04390C0(X).e320265,9012-112A47-16005111

Brands: ONN/Hisense

Important Message: Please be sure to order by part Number for correct part and not Model Number. Often times there are several versions for one Model.

TV Size: 43”

Known Models:



Box R29=4

Box R34=5

Box Z32=2

Box H =1

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