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SKU: BN44-00261A

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Samsung BN44-00261A Power Supply / Backlight Inverter


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SKU: BN44-00261A
  • Warranty: 30-Day Warranty
  • Part Type: Backlight Inverter, Inverter Board, Power Supply Unit
  • Part Number: BN44-00261A
  • Part Usage: LCD
  • MFR Part Number 1: Samsung BN44-00261A
  • Board Number(s): PSIV161C01A, H32F1_9SS
  • Substitute Parts:BN44-00261B, BN44-00261C, BN44-00285A, BN98-01955A
  • Panel Sticker Number: T315HW02 V.2
  • Panel Manufacturer: AU Optronics
  • Notes, Comments & Additional Information: TorresTVParts recommends ordering by part number whenever possible. Often times there are TV models that use more than one set of parts and/or panels.
  • TV Brands: Samsung
  • Important Message: Part number can be found on a sticker.
  • TV Part Types: LIPS
  • Models:
  • LE32B530P7WXXU SS05 LE32B530P7WXXU AC07 LE32B651T3PXXN CN03 LE32B651T3PXXN AA01 LE32B651T3PXZG CN03 LE32B651T3PXZG AA01 LE32B651T3WXXC CN03 LE32B651T3WXXC 0001 LE32B651T3WXXC AA01 LE32B651T3WXZG 0001 LE32B651T3WXZG AA01 LE32B652T4WXZG 0001 LE32B652T4WXZG AA01 LE32B653T5WXRU AA01 LE32B653T5WXRU CN03 LE32B653T5WXRU 0001 LE32B653T5WXXC AA01 LE32B653T5WXXC CN03 LE32B653T5WXXC 0001 LE32B657T4WXXE AA01 LE32B657T4WXXE CN03 LE32B657T4WXXE 0001 LN32B530P7FXZA LE32B650T2WXZG AA01 LE32B650T2WXZG 0001 LE32B554M2WXZG 0004 LE32B554M2WXZG 0003 LE32B550A5PXXN AA03 LE32B550A5PXXN SS06 LE32B550A5WXXN 0003 LE32B550A5WXXN 0004 LE32B550A5WXXC SQ04 LE32B550A5WXXC AA03 LE32B550A5WXXC AC08 LE32B550A5WXXC 0003 LE32B550A5WXXC 0004 LE32B550A5WXXU 0003 LE32B550A5WXXU AC08 LE32B550A5WXXU SQ04 LE32B550A5WXXU 0004 LE32B550A5WXZG 0003 LE32B550A5WXZG 0004 LE32B551A6PXXN AC08 LE32B551A6PXXN AA03 LE32B551A6WQXU AC08 LE32B551A6WQXU SQ04 LE32B551A6WXXU AC08 LE32B551A6WXXU 0004 LE32B551A6WXXU 0003 LE32B553M3WXBT 0003 LE32B553M3WXBT SQ04 LE32B553M3WXBT 0004 LN32B550K1FXZA
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