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SKU: te-UN48J5200A-LED-Strips

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Samsung BN96-37296A/BN96-37297A LED Strips(8) For Model UN48J5200A



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SKU: te-UN48J5200A-LED-Strips

Warranty: 30-Day Warranty

Part Type: LED Strips

Part Number: BN96-37296A/BN96-37297A

Part Usage: LED/LCD

MFR Part Number 1: Samsung BN96-37296A

MFR Part Number 2: Samsung BN96-37297A

Board Number(s): 37296A37297ALM41-00120PLM41-00120Q2015 SVS48 FCOM FHD DOE A RIGHT REV1.0 150303FCOM FHD DOE A LEFT REV1.0 150303

Panel Sticker Number: CY-JJ048BGLV1H, CY-JJ048BGEV1H, CY-JJ048CGLV1H, CY-JJ048BGEV4H

Panel Manufacturer: Samsung

Brands: Samsung

Important Message: PLEASE NOTE: Many TV models use various different sets of LED strips. Please match the strips shown in the photo to the originals in your TV before ordering. This is a full set with 8 strips total.

TV Part Types: LED Light Strip

TV Size: 48″

TV Models:

Samsung UE48J5200AWXXC      UN48J5000BFXZA

UN48J5200AFXZC        UN48J5200AFXZP

UN48J5200AFXZX        UN48J5200AGXPE

UN48J5200AGXZD       UN48J5200AGXZS  

UN48J5200AHXPA        UN48J5200AKXZL


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(Box 8) =3

(Box 12) =3

(Box 29) =2 Box 13=2

(Box 301) =1 (Box 148) =1

Box 427=1

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